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Users are informed that this website uses some cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on their computer during browsing sessions and sent to the web server.Cookies are widely used on the web and, in addition to serving navigation on the occasion of future connections, allow some analysis of the browsing session by the web server. During browsing sessions, cookies can also be used by some of our partners, for certain services. This site does not directly use any profiling cookies. However, this may use embedded objects that download third-party cookies, often capable of profiling interests, searches or browsing the user. Below you will find detailed links for information and to manage their consent.


Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics cookies (anonymous). In this case, the data relating to cookies allow us to formulate statistical analyzes in aggregate form relating to browsing sessions (visited pages, connection times and duration, location of the visitor, type of browser or device used, etc.). Visitors can at any time decide to disable Google Analitycs.

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This could incorporate Youtube videos, which uses third-party cookies, used by this site for the sole purpose of showing Youtube videos.

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This incorporates Google Maps, which uses third-party cookies, used by this site for the sole purpose of showing and making use of Google maps.

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These cookies store information related to the use of the site by the Social Networks.To know and disable the cookies of these social here are the references to the individual Cookie Policy:

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Users are reminded that cookies are activated by default in the most used browsers. In any case, any user who wants it, can always configure their browser to limit or block the installation of cookies, changing the setting.


How to disable cookies by configuring the browser:

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You can change the settings of cookies on our website at any time via the Cookies Settings by clicking on the wheel at the bottom left of this site.



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