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Movistrade Cogefi S.r.l., which is already a leader in Sardinia in the field of excavation and material handling, demolition of works in reinforced concrete and in large-scale construction sites, extends its expertise in additional areas of intervention.

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Excavations, earth movements and demolition of reinforced concrete works

Management of all the activities that characterize this phase of fundamental importance for the optimal success of the works, excavations, large excavations or excavations of a mandatory section, preparation with possible reclamations of the laying plans, formation of road embankments, demolition of any works of art in reinforced concrete insistent on the layouts with relative management of the resulting materials.

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Hydraulic works, aqueducts, sewers and irrigation systems

Execution of irrigation and aqueduct pipelines in spheroidal cast iron or in HDPE sewers and irrigation systems, with relative excavation works, execution of the works in reinforced concrete, inspection tunnels and accessory works. Commissioning of the completed works and execution of the necessary pressure tests.

Defence works and hydraulic arrangement

We take care of the construction and maintenance of works for the arrangement of natural or artificial waterways. The company also creates the appropriate structures required to protect the territory and defend against risks attributable to hydrogeological instability.

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Construction of civil and industrial buildings

All activities related to the construction, maintenance and renovation of buildings for civil or industrial use, with related and complementary works. Thanks to its network of collaborators, all of whom are highly qualified, the company is able to offer a global turnkey service, from the design to the delivery of the property.

Ground stabilization and consolidation works

This is done following assessment by means of appropriate investigations and explorations with adequate equipment, and informing the client in terms of the best solution to adopt to stabilize the site concerned.

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Transport for third parties

Movistrade Cogefi S.r.l. owns transport licenses for third parties, and thanks to a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, together with its highly qualified personnel, it is able to manage any problems that can be traced back to the transport of dump trucks, machinery and manufactured goods. Option of on-site and on-the-road inspections to evaluate the service.

Transport of hazardous and non-intermediated waste

Our many years of experience in the intermediation sector, in terms of characterization, transport and final destination of waste of any nature, whether hazardous or not.

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Recycling facilities management

We are also involved in the recycling of inert materials. We are able to give a new production cycle opportunity to materials that, until recently, were seen as a problem and not as a resource. As this is a first-hand reality affecting the territory, we have always been committed to respecting and preserving the environment and consuming as few resources as possible.

Land Reclamation Works

Movistrade, registered in the Italian Register of Environmental Operators for categories 2/bis, 4, 5, 8 and 9 certified for UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, deals with directly carrying out land reclamation interventions by preparing plans and environmental investigations aimed at resolving the state of the soil and the subsoil.

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