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Transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste with intermediation

Our many years of experience in the intermediation sector, in terms of characterization, transport and final destination of waste of any nature, whether hazardous or not. We are currently holders of the following registrations with the Italian Register of Environmental Operators: 2 bis; 4-D; 5-E; 8-C; 9-D.

Through our internal technical structure, and also through collaboration with external professionals, we are able to offer the maximum expertise in waste classification and characterization activities. We can determine the best solution for final waste disposal.

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Movistrade Cogefi S.r.l.
Z. I. San Marco
Via dell'Economia 3
07041 Alghero (SS)

Phone (+39) 079 983210
Fax. (+39) 079 983068

Share Capital
€ 1.500.000,00 f.p.

VAT Number: IT02312380906